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TURUNÇ KORUKMEZ APART Turunç is the second bay posterior to Marmaris içmeler, with a beautiful sea and nature, in Datça peninsula. After içmeler, turning left at Datça junction, passing over the mountain gets you to Turunç. Passing the old city hall following the road on the right, just 200 metres later is where our apartment is. There are some signboards on the way here.

There are buses that travel between Turunç and Marmaris bus depot. Taxiboats are also an option for transportation. These are available till 23:00. In active season the working hours stretch to a later time.

Our apartment consists of a ground floor, first floor, attic and basement with a pool in the backyard.

All our rooms are fully furnished and have seperate bathrooms. Only some rooms in basement don’t have kitchen.

In the basement there are three 1+0 rooms with no kitchen. A 1+1 room without kitchen. A 1+0 room with kitchen and a 1+1 room with kitchen.

In the attic there are four 1+1 rooms with their own balconies. 3 of them have sea view.

On the ground and first floor there are five 1+1 rooms. Two of the first floor rooms also have sea view



The building exterior photos

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Free Wi-Fi is available. Air conditioning, 32” (82 cm) LCD satellite tv, refrigerator, washing machine and vitroseramic electric stoves are included in apartments. Sheets, pillows and towels are also available.

A cleaning personnel is present till the end of active season. Cleaning service is available during work hours.

Turunç is a quiet holiday paradise which the nature and forest starts where sea ends. We are inviting you for fresh air and peace of mind.


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